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Non-MHC receptors on NK cells

The Nkrp1 family of NK cell receptors are structurally similar to the Ly49 and the Nkrp1 genes are located with the Ly49 in the Natural Killer Gene Complex on chromosome 6 (See figure below). In collaboration with Dr. James Carlyle (Sunnybrook Institute, Toronto) we have found that in direct contrast to Ly49 haplotypes, the Nkrp1 gene cluster is conserved with respect to gene numbers. Furthermore, unlike the Ly49, the ligands for the NKRP1 are not MHC, but other lectin-like proteins termed Clr/Ocil. Amazingly, Clr genes are located within the Nkrp1 cluster. Although Nkrp1/Clr gene number is conserved among BALB/c and C57BL/6 mice there are many coding sequence polymorphisms. Most prominent among these are those shared by NKRP1BBALB and NKRP1DB6, which we have proven to be highly divergent alleles. Our haplotype analysis of the BALB/c Nkrp1/Clr cluster has allowed us to identify the epitope on NKRP1CB6 giving mAb Pk136 reactivity (NK1.1) and the matching non-binding epitope in NKRP1CBALB. Interestingly, all other Nkrp1 and Clr coding regions are highly conserved.

Figure 4

Last updated: April 02, 2015